Road Marking Methods

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Scope of Work

This method statement comprise the application of 3mm thick cold applied reflectorized road marking paint on either sides , center and Pedestrian Crossings of the road using approved road marking material on existing road.


The following safety measures including traffic management will be taken
  • Defending on the Marking sides (LHS, RHS, Center or Pedestrian Crossing) of the road will be closed using two barricading boards, into a minimum working space without interrupting normal flow of traffic.
  • Road Work in Progress” or “Man at Work” Sign Boards will be placed at the start end and end of the road as well as to cover the working area. The area where the labor work will be separated from traffic cones or other approved sign boards.
  • For the workmen safety helmets, gloves, safety boots, etc.


No# Machinery & Equipments Qty Remarks
01 High Pressure Cleaning Machines 01 Cleaning the Surface
02 Power Sweeper 06 Cleaning the Surface
03 Screed Type Road Marking Machines 10 Painting of Road
04 Crew Cab Trucks 06 To Transport Labor and Machinery
05 Water Bouser 01 Washing of the Road
06 Lighting Generator Towers 04 Working under Night Time

Man Power

No# Job Title Qty Remarks
01 Technical Officer 01 Arrangement of Work
02 Supervisor 01 Setting Out and Supervision
03 Pre Heater Operator 01 Controlling the temperature
04 Machine Operator 01 Road Marking
05 Guide Lines Marking 02 Marking the Guide Lines
06 Labors 06 Cleaning and carry out the process
07 Flag Man 02 Control the Traffic


The work will be carried out as per the instructions and guide lines given by the Engineer.
  • Arrangement of safety and traffic.
  • According to the Engineer Instructions cleaning and marking the guide lines.
  • Guide lines and marking checking with engineer’s representative.
  • Cleaning the surface again to insure the surface ready for the application.
  • Check the pre heaters whether it is achieve the manufactures requirements with engineer’s representatives.
  • Application.

Quality Assurance Procedure

As per the project quality assurance system, work will be carried out
  • Surface checking.
  • Checking of the paint thickness.
  • Checking of the pre heater temperature.
  • Guide lines and patterns checking.
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