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Road Marking

TDP Construction is the premier road marking company in Sri Lanka. We provide a high quality and reliable service to a wide range of customers throughout the TDP Construction

Established in 1997, we have an experienced management team who will carry out free quotations and advise on any marking issues you may have, including safety road markings and car park layout among others. Our road marking operatives are all qualified Tradesman

We undertake all aspects of road marking and work using thermoplastic paint, colored and anti skid surfacing, all of which conform to current SLS, BS & EN standards.

Carpark Marking

Whether you need an existing car park layout re-marking or a brand new design car park marking out, TDP can provide it for you.

With over 10 years experience in the car park marking field servicing the TDP and the Sri Lanka, we can advise you on how to make your car park well organized, functional and safe for motorists and pedestrians. This would typically include adequate provision of disabled parking bays, clearly defined walkways, crossings and directional markings.

We can undertake work in all types of car parks including indoor, outdoor and multi storey. We have specially mounted equipment to undertake line painting on all floors of multi storey car parks.

Warehouse Marking

Whether you've recently acquired a warehouse as your premises, built a brand new warehouse or decided that the markings in your warehouse need refreshing, we can provide expert warehouse line marking here at TDP. So if you're in the Colombo or anywhere else in the Sri Lanka, whether you need a brand new layout, some additional markings or the existing markings re-doing, we can help with our knowledge and expertise.

We can cater to your every need in regard to your warehouse markings, including:
  • Loading bays
  • Delivery bays
  • Lettering
  • Arrows
  • Keep clear markings
  • Pallet areas
  • Fire exits

We will design every aspect of your warehouse floor by combining our design skills and knowledge with your unique and individual requirements.

Road Studs

We undertake work with all types of road studs, ranging from the traditional stainless steel studs, reflective studs through to the modern solar powered studs.

Anti Skid/Safty

We are able to undertake all aspects of anti skid surfacing work and can carry out the preparation and laying of safety surfaces, anti-skid areas, cycle lanes and edge of carriageway rumble strips.

Safty Marking

We know safety markings in industrial, commercial and retail areas are absolutely essential. It is vital to create safe and sufficient pedestrian walkways and to clearly define hazardous areas, such as forklift routes or heavy machinery sections. Here at TDP we have the experience and expertise to advise you as to which safety markings you need.

We have undertaken work in many areas, including warehouses, factories, and car parks, for many very satisfied customers throughout the TDP and the Sri Lanka. Our safety markings are provided in a variety of colors to make sure they are clearly visible and highly effective in any environment. We will carry out an initial assessment of your workspace and take into account your exact requirements, prior to carrying out the work.

Playground Marking

From marking out traditional sports courts and playground games to producing pre-formed designs created by the children themselves, we can develop play areas that appeal to children and provide them with stimulation and excitement.

White Lining

Here at TDP, we are committed to providing a white lining service that fully complies with all relevant safety and road usage documentation throughout the TDP and the Sri Lanka.

Our line marking teams have the knowledge and experience to undertake professional line marking on public roads, including the marking of bus lanes, cycle lanes and pedestrian routes.

Thermoplastic screed is the ideal product to use for road markings as it dries on contact and meets the performance requirements of SLS, BS & EN. As a result, it reduces the disruption caused by road marking maintenance, and is available in a range of reflective and non-reflective colors.

Line Removal

There are many reasons why line painting sometimes needs to be removed: a change in layout may be required, markings may become redundant or new regulations introduced.

We provide a high quality and reliable line removal service to a wide range of customers throughout the TDP and the Sri Lanka. We can remove Thermoplastic markings from tarmac or concrete by a number of methods.

Burning off is a process whereby line painting are removed from tarmac using heat and compressed air. This process is not appropriate for concrete, so the lines are removed using a Scabbler, which grinds the thermoplastic from the surface.

For sensitive areas and areas of environmental concern, the most efficient process for line removal on any surface is by high-pressure water jetting. This process causes negligible damage to the surface and because it uses water there are no fumes or debris.

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